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Hi, I’m Vidhya.  As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with experimenting in the kitchen.  From making dandelion “salads” for my dolls,  I quickly graduated to homemade cheesecake, baklava and pizza. I love to cook all kinds of food from all over the world- all vegetarian and sometimes gluten free as well. I am definitely a cooking geek- I read cookbooks like novels and can’t resist the latest kitchen gadgets. With a busy career and family, I have been postponing this blog for years. Given all the recipes I have been sharing with friends and family lately, I thought it is finally time to start blogging.  Welcome to my “Global Veg” blog.


1. Why are you writing a vegetarian blog?

I come from a long line of vegetarians.  I have been cooking vegetarian recipes that have been in my family for generations. In addition, since I was born and raised in North America, I have been creating and modifying recipes for years to suit my diet.

2. Who is your target audience?

My recipes are there to help people who want to add more vegetarian or vegan options into their diet.  If you have a sweet tooth, stop by too as I will be featuring many desserts.

3.  What are your food philosophies?

I support organic food and local producers as much as possible.

I believe in efficient cooking.  With a family and busy career, time is at a premium.

Everything in moderation. You will see quite a few dessert recipes mixed in with the healthier recipes. I love to make desserts.

I am not trying to convert my readers to vegetarian or veganism. I just hope to inspire and help them add more fruits and vegetables into their diets in unique and tasty ways.

4.  Why are there so many references to specific stores or brands of products?

The quality of ingredients really has an impact on results. Any references I include are to products I have found from trial and error over many years of cooking. These are products I use everyday. I want to help you skip a couple of steps in finding the best product or an uncommon one.

5. Are these all original recipes?

All of my recipes are tried and true. Ones I use everyday to feed my family and friends. Many of my recipes are my own. When based on a different source, a reference is noted. For example, I loved the oatmeal cookies from “More from Magnolia”  and  have made them many times. When I needed to make a gluten free version for  an occasion, I used this recipe as a basis. Everyone loved that version and I end up sharing it quite often, so it is a natural fit in this blog.

6. Can I request recipes or ask questions about ingredients?


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4 Responses to “About”

  1. Aravinda Raama Mawendra

    Hey. Nice simple to use site. Can you please write recipe for chicken soup? Just kidding ….
    1. Wanted to point a spelling error in Question “6. Can I request recipes or ask questions absolutely ingredients?”. You know the error.
    2. When I scroll down to read the recipes, the left half of my screen is empty for quite a long length. I dont like if I am made to scroll long unnecessarily double the length down.
    3. If your time permits add videos for each please. (links to Youtube). That will serve the majority people (=lazy).
    4. The Create menu is for people to add their recipes? and under construction?

    Good luck.
    From some one who has tasted your recipes cooked by you 🙂

    • Vidhya

      Thanks for the feedback. Will definitely look into all- except the chicken soup 🙂 Seriously, #1- Corrected. #2- Agree. I am still working on the whole look & feel and will be updating. #3- Future phase. #4- Just trying to come up with creative names for sections of the blog. This section will be for my recipes. The naming is still a work in progress.

  2. wing puah

    your food photos look yummy! i read cookbooks like novel too! haha. glad to find someone with the same obsession. oops, should i say hobby 😀


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